Computer Building Scenario

Scenario: Build a computer suitable for a blind woman who wishes to use email and browse the internet, with a budget of $500

By: Alysha

Due: February 13th, 2015.


DeepCool ATX Mid Tower Computer Case available at New Egg for $39.99

I picked this case because it will keep the inner components of the computer from overheating, and becaue it has an ATX form factor like my power supply and motherboard. I chose black because the woman is blind so I don't think she will care too much.


MSI Intel 6Gb/s ATX Motherboard available at New Egg for $54.99

I chose this motherboard because it is not expensive, and has all of the necessary ports for what she wants to use the computer for.

Power Supply:

CoolMax 300W ATX Power Supply available at New Egg for $19.99

I chose this power supply because it is inexpensive and it fits the form factor or my case and motherboard, and it has enough wattage to run my components.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

Intel Pentium G3240 3.1GHz 64 bit Dual Core Processor available at New Egg for $74.99

I chose this CPU because it has the necessary speed to browse the internet, send emails, and run speech recognition software.

Hard Drive:

Toshiba 1TB 32MB Cache 6Gb/s Hard Drive available at New Egg for $54.99

I chose this hard drive because a large amount of her files will be audio files, which are large in comparison to photos and text files.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Ripjaw X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 Memory available at New Egg for $84.99

I chose these two RAMs because she will be running speech-to-text and text-to-speech programming, which will require lots of memory.


HDE Desktop USB Microphone available at Amazon for $8.95

Do I really need to explain this one? She needs a microphone to use her SPEECH recognition software. And she's on a budget. Enough said.


All PCs running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 come with a free voice recognition software: Windows Speech Recognition.

If you haven't realized by now... SHE'S BLIND. And it's already there so why not?

Recommended Items:
Sennheiser HD 201 Over-Ear Headphones available at Sennheier for $29.95 ($33.84 with tax)
Logitech USB Optical Mouse available at New Egg for $9.99 ($11.29 with tax)
Logitech USB Desktop Keyboard available at New Egg for $19.99 ($22.59 with tax)
Transparent Braille Keyboard Stickers available at Amazon for $19.95 ($22.54 with tax)